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Wireless Keyboard,Bluetooth

As this website is keyboard related and these days everybody talks about wireless keyboards, let us try to understand some important points about wireless keyboards and Bluetooth.

Wireless keyboard helps you to use your computer at a distance which is very convenient for you. For example lying in the bed. The Keyboard can be used with computers with Bluetooth support at a distance of 10 feet.

The keyboard does not have USB ports, and it uses two way transmissions of data by means of Radio frequency. Some of these keyboards have got backlit support which means it can be operated in dim light or even there is no light at all.


To transmit data between the equipments like CPU and Keyboard, or between Monitor and CPU, you need cables to connect between them. The idea of transmitting information without the help of cables was achieved with the introduction of Bluetooth.

The above mentioned devices have got special chips which uses radio communication systems. Depends upon the power class, it can be operated within 1 meter, 10 meters or even more. When these instruments falls within the power class range you are in contact with each other. So the data is transformed from a transmitter Bluetooth chip to a receptor Bluetooth chip. 

The exchange of information can be possible between many devices if all of them fall within the range. For example if you need to transfer information from one mobile phone to different mobile phones, you keep all mobile phones with in the range. If there is walls between them still the data transfer is possible.

For an infrared signal, a direct line of sight between the transmitter (remote) and the receiver should be there (TV). For example, a TV remote is a transmitter and the TV is the Receiver. If there is a wall or a blockage between them, the signal will not go through it. So for the purpose of exchanging confidential information infrared is the best. It takes place between two devices only, where there is a receiver and a transmitter.

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