Word Shortcuts: Ctrl + E
Center the Text With a Saw

This chapter helps you how to memorize Ctrl + E, the keyboard shortcut for centering paragraph. 

To center a paragraph in a word file, place the cursor anywhere in that paragraph and press Ctrl + E.

The Word File in the Animation...

  • Look at the word file in the movie.
  • The lines are aligned from left to right.
  • They are different in length. 
  • The top most line is longer and the next one is shorter. 
  • The longer and shorter lines are arranged one after another until the end.

Watch the Animation and Note the Points

  • The letter E is reshaped into a saw. It has got front and teeth.
  • The letter E has got three legs as normal. 
  • When you push the saw through a word file - like you see in the animation - the legs on both sides pass through the front side of the file and the mid one pass through the back side.
  • When you move E back and forth, see the text lines too move back and forth until it fits between the front and teeth on both sides. 
  • The smaller lines are locked in between the teeths and the bigger lines are locked in between the fronts.
  • See the text lines are aligned at left side at the beginning of the animation and at the center at the end. 
  • In short, the left aligned text goes into center aligned .

Imagine this is what happens inside the word application when you press Ctrl + E; you can memorize this keyboard shortcut easily.

Each animation stands for a particular keyboard shortcut. 

Each keyboard shortcut stands for a particular task.

Each animation shows how to complete this particular task.This helps you to see all the actions taking place as if in a real life.

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All the movies contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

Though the animation shows how to change the text from left to center alignment, you can apply this keyboard shortcut to change all kinds of alignments into center.

As said before, to apply alignment for a single paragraph, place the cursor anywhere in the paragraph. But to apply alignment for the whole file, you need to Press Ctrl + A to select everything in it. Then Pres Ctrl + E to align the content centrally.

There are three more keyboard shortcuts related to the text alignment in word. You will learn those keyboard shortcuts memorizing ideas in coming lessons.

Wait for few more lessons to reach the rest alignment related keyboarded shortcut lessons as we have to finish few more lessons before that. Remember our lessons are arranged alphabetically. 

The next lesson is about Ctrl + F which comes under Tutorial Two.