Word Shortcuts: Ctrl - C
Change the Text Itself into C

Ctrl + C is the keyboard shortcut for copying text. You can copy a text and paste it in the same file or another. 

Like in all other animations, this movie also contains a word document. See the dashes in the file. Each dash stands for a word.

The animation helps you how to memorize Microsoft Word Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut. Imagine what you see in the animation you do yourself.

I will show you the text going into a C shape while you copy it with your hands. This will help you to memorize this keyboard shortcut easily. I am quite sure that you will enjoy the animation and memorization will take place in your heart without your knowledge.

Keep on Pressing...

Slowly press one of the dashes ( words ) in the file from both sides with your index finger and thumb. Keep on pressing it to put more pressure. Put pressure on both sides of the text you copy. As the pressure keep going up, the word surface keep bending. 

It is changing into C shape. Once more look at the text changing into C shape.

Copying duplicates the surface of a document. Appy this theory here too.

Take the text to another area of the file. Place it there. Release the pressure. See the text changing back to its original shape.

Notice that the original text keeps its position and shape as it is. But its color changed. A faint color is shown in the place of original text.  It is to show you the text surface is removed. But the original remains there. You did not move the text. You only copied it. 

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All the movies contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

As said before, copying is duplicating the surface of something you copy. 

Another example:

Suppose you have a bundle of A4 paper. Think that you pull each sheet from the top of another using your two fingers as you watched in the animation. If you can imagine that it is a kind of copying, the C shape will easily strike your mind and Ctrl + C will become a piece of cake.

You enjoyed Ctrl + A, Ctrl + B  and Ctrl + C animations so far. Hopefully you memorized those keyboard shortcuts as well.

OK, come with me to see how Ctrl + D work for you. Another important Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut for selecting fonts