Word Shortcuts: Ctrl + D
Choose the Right Font !

Ctrl + D is the keyboard shortcut for applying fonts.

To choose the right font for your word file, select the text area and Press Ctrl + D. See a dialogue box coming on the screen with a big list of fonts. Click the drop down menu for the font type, select one of them and Press OK. Your word file appears in a new style with a change in  font style .

Choosing the right font make your file so attractive. Some of the fonts are good for monitor reading and some others are good for printing.

Serif and Sans Serif fonts

Serif fonts are with small lines at the beginning or end of the strokes. Sans Serifs means without serifs - no stroke.

Example for Serif and Sans Serif fonts

Helvetica, verdana, Futura, Arial, Optima: Examples for Sans Serif fonts. Some of these fonts are widely used to create word documents.

Example for few Serif fonts: Bookman Old Style, Georgia, Century, Garamond, Courier. Many people use these fonts to create word documents.

Some support sans serif fonts for better readability over serif fonts. Others does not support this argument. 

Open Sans is the font used for this website. It is a Sans Serif font.

How to memorize Ctrl + D keyboard Shortcut?

Imagine you are sitting in an auditorium. It is huge and shaped. See a big screen in front of you. There is a word file sitting on it. There is a scroll bar at the back of the D theatre. 

Now, when I scroll through different fonts in the bar, watch the changes on the document in the screen.  See the fonts keep changing. 

There are only five fonts in the animation. Arial, Andalusia, Book Antiqua, Century and Miriam. These Five fonts are only to show you some of the fonts in the list. It is also to show you how the fonts are changed in word while I scroll through the scroll bar.

Remember you have plenty of fonts in the word font list to select for your document.

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All the movies contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

Pressing Ctrl + D also give you many options to beautify the document. You can change the font size, apply regular, italic, bold styles, Underlining, font color etc.

Scrolling through different fonts with a hand, The D shaped auditorium, seeing fonts changing on the screen – all will hopefully help you to memorize Ctrl + D keyboard shortcut for word.

Though the theatre is too big, there is only one chair in it!. Only for you. Putting too many chairs in it will cause more people to come and sit to create problems. 

I don’t want to do that .  We have a long way to go and a short time to get more than 100 lessons.