Word Shortcuts: Ctrl + F
Light- Up the Torch

I can show you how to memorize another important Microsoft word keyboard shortcut through a simple animation.

This lesson is about Ctrl + F.

By using Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut you can search for text, graphics, tables, equations and comments throughout a word file.

 Press Ctrl + F once you are in word.

  • Like you have scene in the previous animations, this lesson too contains a word file. 
  • There are three paragraphs in it. 
  • There is a torch / search light in the movie which plays an important role. 
  • The torch has got a special F shape. Note this point too while you are busy with watching animation. I hope you already knew this as you are the one using it. So, no point to remind you the specialty of something you chose yourself !.

Anyhow it is an F shaped torch !.That's important.

See how to use the torch to find out anything in a word file. The torch looks small though very powerful. Notice the brightness on the file surface when you turn it on. This torch can show you anything you don’t see in a word file.  

There is a close relationship between the word Find and a torch. Because manything you don’t see with your eyes you can find with the help of a torch. 

Light-up the torch and search for the word Find. Go through paragraph by paragraph throughout the file from the beginning till the end. 

Watch the animation carefully to see the word Find flashing in the first paragraph and once more in the last paragraph. The second paragraph does not contain the word Find at all.

Though we are looking for the word Find,You can use this torch / keyboard shortcut to find any words in a word file. Only to make your findings easier we used the word Find. Remember Ctrl + F is the keyboard shortcut for Find.

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All the movies contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

As said in the beginning, Press Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut for finding texts, graphics, tables, equations and comments etc.

A torch is very useful to search for things we don’t see with our naked eyes. To find out things in a word file also you can apply this rule. But make sure it is F shaped !.

Many things you do in a word file is not different from what you do in real life. 

A torch is very important in our daily life. That’s why all mobile phone has got it. An F shaped Torch is so Precious !.