Word Shortcuts: Ctrl + G
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This chapter is about Ctrl + G, the keyboard shortcut for Go To. Ctrl + G help you to go to a particular line, page, comment, bookmark etc in word.

See the Find and replace dialogue box appearing on the screen once you pressed Ctrl + G while you are in a word file . The dialogue box contains three pads. Find, Replace and Go To. The Go to pad is the active pad.

In the last chapter you have learned how to memorize Ctrl + F - the keyboard shortcut for Find. Next chapter is about Ctrl + H - the keyboard shortcut for Replace. This chapter helps you how to memorize Ctrl + G - the keyboard shortcut for Go To

All three keyboard shortcuts are very much related. You Go To somewhere in a word file, Find something and then replace it with something.

Pressing Ctrl + G helps you to go to a particular line, page, comment, bookmark etc.

A bookmark in word is like any other bookmark you put in a book. You can make many bookmarks and name them individually. 

You can make as many as comments in a word file. Others gets the opportunity to modify them when multiple people share the same document. 

You can also Press Ctrl + G keyboard shortcut to go to a particular line or page.

About the animation

When you think about “Go To”, the first thing come to your mind is visiting a place. Next thing is arranging transport to that place. Right?. 

How to make a Go To Car ?

Focus the letter G and give a big hit with your hand as you see in the animation. Or simply hit at the back of the Go To car. Never worry about filling the petrol tank or charging the battery !. It will take you to wherever you want to go in word

Ms Word Keyboard Shortcut lessons.Ctrl + G for Go To.

The word Go To have two circles .These two circles make the car wheels. The letter T has a right and left handle which looks like a bicycle handle. The letter G is shaped in to a seat enough to sit for two people - probably for You and me!

Hand = Ctrl 

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All Lessons contains an animation. Each animation contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

Now you have got your own transport. This Go To car can take you to go anywhere in a word file in few seconds!.

I hope this chapter helped you to memorize Ctrl + G keyboarded shortcut. Remember the letter G is changing in to White color when you hit it.

The remaining pad in the find and replace box is Replace. You are going to learn how to replace an existing text with another. The next chapter is about that.