Word Shortcuts: Ctrl + H
All in Black and White

This chapter explains Ctrl + H, the keyboard shortcut for replacing an existing text (word or sentence) with another. 

Suppose to replace the word White & Black with Black & white: Type white & Black in the Find what field and Black & White in the Replace with field.  Click Replace all button. 

Ms Word Keyboard Shortcut, Find and Replace

Another Example: that teacher is not good into that teacher is good.

To make it that teacher is good: You have two ways.

Type in the Find what box: that teacher is not good and type in the Replace with box: that teacher is (space).This will give the result that teacher is good.

Method Two:  Type that teacher is not good in Find what and Replace it with that teacher is good.

Remember that you can only change the sentence .Your can’t change a bad teacher into a good teacher!.

This website is mainly focused on how to memorize keyboard shortcuts. So, we will go back to another animation which explains how to memorize Ctrl + H keyboard shortcut.

The Scene Description

  • A word File with few lines in it
  • White & Black is written one after another in three rows
  • White is in White color and Black is in Black color
  • A hand: Let’s think that it is your hand
  • The letter H stands at left side which is in 3D shape
  • The bottom side of the letter H is rectangle shaped - the feet of the letter H is rectangle.

The Movie Description

Hand = Ctrl 

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All Lessons contains an animation. Each animation contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

  • See the letter H comes up. Hit it when it comes due top of the White & Black as you see in the animation. As a result, the letter H hit back on White & Black and fetches it under the leg of H
  • The word White sticks under the left leg of H and the word Black sticks under the right leg. Again hit the letter H which hits White & Black in the second line.
  • The White & Black in the second line too sticks under it
  • The above action continues third time.
  • Now all three White is under the left leg and all three black is under the right leg.
  • The letter H turns .That means the leg with black has come left side and the leg with white has come right side.
  • The hitting process continues as before. The Black & White is released one by one and placed exactly on the same spot of White & Black.

The above animation is a symbolic representation of how you can use   Ctrl + H to replace a text with another.