Word Shortcuts: Ctrl + I
A ball can italicize a word

This chapter helps you how to memorize Ctrl + I, the keyboard shortcut for italics in Word.

An Italic word is a word slightly slanted right in a sentence or phrase.This is to give importance to that word so that the word gets special attention. Some words are in italics in any documents to show their importance to the readers.

Understand that Italics is writing or printing slightly slanting right.

Some of the examples of Italics  usage 

Woodrow Wilson is the only US president buried in Washington, DC. Here, only is slanted right to get special attention.

Barak Obama is the first African American president of the United States. Here the word first is slanted right to give importance to that.

Art Work -  Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

News papers / Agencies - The Obama Foundation also gathered 200 young African leaders in Johannesburg in advance of the former president's address to "study and debate Mandela’s legacy and leadership attributes," South African news site the Citizen reported.

Plays - Romeo & Juliet

Books - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; The Republic, Plato.

Movies - Twilight

Trains - Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: (London to Venice), Blue Train: (Pretoria to Cape Town).

 ShipsThe Santa Maria, RMS Titanic. 

Spacecraft – NASA’s Challenger

Foreign words - When you are writing a sentence in English and want to put a foreign word. Example : I’ve got only 10 minutes for lunch, so I’ll stop at a cafe for a quick sandwich. Understand that café is a French word.

  • Do not completely italicize part of a book. Example: a chapter in a book.
  • Do not italicize religious books – Qur-an, Bible, Torah.
  • Do not use italics and underline at the same time – He is the only one escaped.

For applying italics select a particular word and press Ctrl + I in a word file.

The Animation

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All the movies contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

In the animation, the letter i is shown in an exaggerated form. It is in a cylinder shape. 

The word italics is not in italics form now. The animation shows how to change the word italics to italics.

The letter is fixed in front of italics ready to get a kick from you. Now it is your turn to focus the ball towards the word Italics and give a big kick to change it from Italics to italics.

The shock transfers from the first letter to the last letter until the word Italics achieves Italics form.

I hope you enjoyed one more animation which helps you how to memorize Ctrl + I keyboard shortcut in  MS word