Select Your Word File or Paint It

So, how to select the contents in a word document? . Or I want to ask you the same question in a different way. How to paint a word file?

To select the whole contents in a word file, open the document and press Ctrl + A. A very easy job anybody can do. 

After Pressing Ctrl + A, You can..

  • Delete everything in a file.
  • Apply a formatting style for the whole file content.
  • Change the font, font size, color; back ground color etc.
  • Increase or decrease the underline width.
  • Increase or decrease line width - the width between lines.

But, here I want to show you how to select a printed word file manually. This way you do the job in real world which helps you to memorize this keyboard shortcut.

Catchycuts shows unique methods to memorize MS Word keyboard shortcuts, different from your earlier experience in handling keyboard shortcuts while doing word processing. 

A selected word file looks like a painted wall. So if you know how to paint a wall nicely using Ctrl + A, you know how to select a word file nicely ! Grab the letter "A "and start painting. Make sure that you Replace the cross bar of the letter "A" with a paint roller.

Though you have seen many paint rollers before, I think this is the first time you are painting with an "A" shaped one. 

Continue painting….

The attractive part of the painting is roller. The new paint roller looks different from usual ones. That makes you to memorize this painting apparatus easier than any other usual paint brush or rollers.

You may think that why to have all these headaches. But remember that our idea is to memorize Ctrl + A. 

Memorizing this keyboard shortcut is not only useful for using Microsoft word, but also for all Microsoft office suite applications. Probably, you can use this keyboard shortcut for selecting contents in any windows based applications.

Likewise, you will learn many other word shortcuts easily through simple and easy to understand animations. Learning and memorizing Microsoft word keyboard shortcuts will become easier and it can’t be boring any more. 

The hand stands for Ctrl key or You can say the hand is the code for Ctrl key. All the movies contains a unique action performed by a hand.  In short Ctrl = hand

The document selection technique you have seen here have the following advantages. 

It is very cheap ( because you don’t need a computer)... You can practice it anywhere and you don’t have to sit in an office. Hahaha

You can do this job in an imaginary world too. This special paint roller will make an evergreen picture in your mind.

If you want to have a break in the middle of painting, have it ! No problems !